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The Diablo three Wizard builds focus on wizard nightmare skills with potential for burst DPS & Fury generation and/or

abilities that increase utility. These Normal Wizard builds are optimized to boost instant burst skills & abilities.

Skill 1 - Energy Armor - gives you the armor to live. Tried a bunch of runes. Absorption is good early prior to Blizzard

because you are getting hit more and the Arcane Power return is good to get diablo 3 gold. Pinpoint Barrier (5% crit) is just

more damage, and Energy Tap (can go to 140 AP with Astral Presence) is good for quicker AP return and a larger pool to lay

down more Blizzards. Your AP flow is going to determine your preference here.

Skill 2 - Magic Weapon (Force Weapon) - From a 10% increase to a 15% weapon damage increase, this seems to work out with the

rest of my gear as well. It may not be optimal for kiting, but I carry a high damage, slow 2-handed weapon to deal as much

damage as possible in each and every shot. Magic Weapon complements it by modifying the amount the damage on the weapon,

which is a lot.

Skill 3 - Teleport (Wormhole) - lots of the time spent is crawling through dungeons and being able to quickly zip across a

chasm and back to see if This is primarily to gain distance from enemies and to explore maps faster. While leveling, there is

a path is working out for me.

Skill 4 -Venom Hydra - This thing is a actual sleeper. If it stands still, your Hydra will rack up plenty of damage. When

combined with Blizzard (& freezing) or in the event you face a boss that remains stationary, you can add up damage speedy.

Skill 5 - Energy Armor (Pinpoint Barrier) - I have only only recently unlocked this Skill Rune and am not sure if 5% increase chance to critically hit is great. I was one time using Ice Armor before this along with Chilling Aura which made it

a lot simpler to kite. However, the Skill Rune Force Armor unlocks at level 54 and I will certainly be swapping over from Ice

Armor to Energy Armor at that point.

Skill 6 - Mirror Image (Duplicates) - At first, I thought the Skill Rune Simulacrum was better as it gave the images 100% of

my total life compared to 25%. I was mistaken simply because the images only last for 7 seconds no matter how much Life they

have available to them.

Skill 7 - Familiar - Sparkflint (12% more damage) or Ancient Guardian (takes one blow for you every 6s when you are below

35%) are good runes here. If you want even more AP return, go Arcanot.

If, however, you require to go in to inferno, then you'll probably require some kind of slow since the most effective way to

kill champ and elite packs is kiting. Switching out Blur for something like the 30% arcane slow passive could be a step in

the right direction to get to know diablo three witch nightmare skills. The objective is to be able to deal plenty of damage

with my regular assault, complimented with speedy damage with Celestial Orb. These are the seven wizard nightmare skills in

diablo three.

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